domingo, 14 de setembro de 2014

Can you tell me the sad reality that unfortunately shares not only hospitals but also the PSUs, in Rio de Janeiro / Brazil, with West Africa? Many easy ...! No general practitioner, and few doctors are willing to meet. There are few who needed, and need care and are routed from one side to the other without even having the primary care! It is recommended to go to a UPA, after 22 h, why not the doctors during the day to meet "adults"! Scene view during this outbreak Virose, who is leaving mothers worried ... They swarmed and just hope the good will of those who like Doctors still have to meet the children. More real sad fact is, while campaigning, politicians do not have the courage to go to one of these hospitals to listen to the people, knowing there would be outrage ... And rightly so! The truth is that ... not "bother me" physicians "who now omit to meet people, but if this virus" that is outside the control reach us? What will we do, and how doctors can tell the people? Argentines, our friends who came in COPA were asked if we lived always sick? Of course not ... Why? They found amazing, the amount of pharmacies (drugstores), in Rio de Janeiro. It was difficult for us to explain why this was ...? And that our people feel good in the flesh, and have compassion with suffering, anguish of the African people, who waits for no where to run! See how doctors truly sympathize with the people of those countries that do not already know how! And give up his own life to help others, the opposite of Brazil, which ... A "sick" people generates various forms of ... Wealth! The Ebola virus has not yet arrived in Brazil, but are not minimal chances ... AIDS arrived when they said she could ever get! What worries is the neglect of health in Brazil, it is shameful, to show the best hospitals They forget that the majority of the population does not have access, and medicate each other because of the habit, and do not have medical care. The majority population in their pilgrim from hospital to hospital seeking care. If you need to publish all the misconduct, and how health is really in Brazil, we are shifting our focus on much, but we see that what is spoken is not reality! Here is expected to happen after trying to solve, hiding under the carpet as has always been done! Unfortunately the Ebola Virus does not give this chance! "PSUs"! >> Ready outpatient health care units.

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